Request Money

Posted on Tuesday, June 17, 2014 By Craig Kocur

There is a small feature in our Popmoney service called "Request Money" that you may find useful.

Request Money Screenshot

With Request Money you can send an email or text message to a group of friends requesting money for a project, asking them to chip in on an upcoming party, asking them to donate to a fund raiser, whatever. It's simple to use: you just enter your friends' email addresses or cell phone numbers and then select your options. You can ask for a set amount per friend or leave it open ended. You can set a due date. You can even send out reminders if your initial request doesn't get the response you wanted. Once the request is sent out, your friends will receive a note from you with the request and a link to Popmoney where they can go and transfer the funds.

Simple and cool.

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